Tantra and the Limbo Dancer

Tantra and the Limbo Dancer

I don’t want to be effective guys, I confess. One guy recently said he understands. „You have to make a choice in life“, he said, „either you have emotionally fulfilling relationships but loose the advantage of being excellent at your career, or the other way around“. At some point in my life I would have agreed – but then luckily came Tantra.

This simple statement made me realise how deeply the idea of „No pain no gain“ is ingrained into our psyche and society. Say „Hi“ to the Limbo Dancer. If the limbo dancer lowers the bar he will improve his limbo skills and become the most successful dancer or he keeps the bar a bit higher and won’t train as much, won’t be as successful but have some leasure time. A reasonable choice. But there is a trap here.

Think about it: Why is the Limbo Dancer the Limbo Dancer?

Dude, it’s a felony! We just killed a human being – we reduced this guy to a function, to a quantifiable performance. And in this aspect he really can succeed or fail but as a mere function not as a wholesome human being. So we start measuring his performance and by this further reduce the human to the function.

Let’s say you are flipping burgers at McDonald’s – we reduce it to the speed at which you are flipping them. Let’s say you are a programmer – we can reduce your work to the time you need for a task and to the number of bugs it will produce. And thus begins the perpetual optimisation, the more the better – enter: no pain no gain.

If you have ever been to a Bikram Yoga Class, you probably noticed this attitude in a yoga class also. Nope, chanting Om won’t help you here.

Tantra is different. Tantra teaches to take the goddamn limbo bar, break it and  throw it away to happily dance on however you feel like today. Forget anything about performance. Fuck success, man. Tantra teaches to be a wholesome human being, with an uninterfered loving expression of life and without external measurements. You can’t measure something that is unique. There is nothing to compare it to.

But, you know, the quantifying modern world does not really allow for these kind of things, sadly. It is only function that can be made into economic growth, happy human beings don’t make money.

Contentment does not create money – vanity does.

Relaxation does no create money – therapy does.

Expression does not create money – fashion does.

And therefore the tantric will stay the modern day pirate, outlawed, not understood, but sure as hell enjoying every single second of his life! THAT my friends is the choice for Jack, the Limbo Dancer.





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